Photography Studio Kent: Why Choose A Professional For Family Photos?

Photography studio Kent London, and South East based options, have become great destinations for parents and soon-to-be-parents to get photographs taken that will last a lifetime. Often this is for maternity photographs taken before birth, as well as photography of the newborn afterwards. These are moments that can never be repeated and many people want to commemorate them with photography. But there’s one common question that often arises: why choose professional photography from, say, a Maidstone photographer when you can take photos on your smartphone? In this article, we discuss the reasons why a professional photographer offers so much more than an amateur.

Why People Look For a Professional Photographer Kent Way

Family photos are fantastic little time capsules that can be passed on from generation to generation. Yet when you look through some of those old family photo books, it can be a slog. You’ll have to sift through partial photos of thumbs, strain to see because of the poor lighting or get frustrated by the poor framing of the photos. While amateur photographers have gotten better, and the ability to instantly view photos helps us negate a number of these issues, DIY family photography still has problems. And you may still find yourself deleting bad photograph after bad photograph from your phone. Quite often, the problem is that the person taking the photographs doesn’t know how to get the best out of a shot, nor has the ability to effectively edit a photograph to make it look even better. As photographs can’t be truly recreated – especially photographs that catalogue pregnancy or those first few weeks and months of a newborn’s life – these moments cannot be wasted. You’ll want to be able to look back at this period of time and see the joy and happiness – without worrying about anyone looking bad in the photos. This is why people choose a professional. They can perform a baby photoshoot Maidstone or even London way – whether in your own home, in a park, or in the professional setting of a photography studio Kent or elsewhere in the south east. There are, generally, three categories of professional photography that young families in the local area desire: maternity photography, cake smash photography, and baby photoshoot Kent based services.

Maternity Photography Kent: Why It’s So Popular

Pregnancy and the pregnant body have been viewed differently throughout history. At times it has been celebrated, while at other times it has been hidden. As society starts to be more open to a wider definition of beauty and bodily standards, pregnancy and the pregnant form is once again being celebrated and seen as a wonderous and beautiful time in a person’s life. To have little or no photographic memories of these joyous months is a regret that many parents have to this day. This is why maternity photography in Kent has become so popular. Soon-to-be parents are keen to document this special moment in their life, but want someone who they can trust to bring out the best in them. This is exactly what a good maternity photography Kent based specialist can provide – a safe environment in which you can enjoy some special time with a loved one and/or your soon-to-be child. Many couples find this to be not just a romantic experience that reinforces the love they feel for one another but, with the right photographer, it can be fun and creative too! This is especially true of those who already have children – as this can be a great way to make them feel involved in what you are going through, instead of being apprehensive about the birth. And it is also a terrific way for single parents to capture the special bond that they share with their unborn child. Either way, you’ll have a collection of professionally shot photographs that you can cherish for a lifetime – and even pass onto the next generations of your family.

Cake Smash Photo Shoot Kent: What Is It?

While the concept of a baby photography shoot is a common and well known one, the term ‘cake smash photography’ may not exactly be as familiar. If you are unsure exactly what this is don’t worry – you’re not alone. Cake smash photography is a relatively recent trend that began in America. With parents keen to personalise and have fun with invitations to the first few birthdays of their child, they would hire a professional to take photos of their baby often being messy with a birthday cake. The trend caught on and is now considered a cute, endearing, and messy-fun way of capturing a child’s reactions. Often the photography is taken in a professional location – such as a photography studio Kent based – so you needn’t have to worry about cleaning bits of cake off your sofa or carpet! The process can take a few hours and requires a photographer who is patient, sensitive, and understanding. After all, your child is the star. Whether they decide if they want to eat the cake, smash it up or go for a sleep, the photographer must oblige! For photography that represents the most intimate, sweet, and fun moments of having a newborn and being part of a young family, you need an expert photographer. Whether it’s a delightful cake smash photo shoot Kent way at our professional studio, or a romantic maternity shoot at a park on a summer’s day, at Annie Marshall Photography, you get memorable shots that last a lifetime.

The Best Photography Studio Kent Is Run By Annie Marshall Photography

I’m Annie Marshall of Annie Marshall Photography and I believe that there is no more rewarding job in the world than being able to play a part in capturing the most precious of moments in a young family or newborn’s life. Whether it’s capturing love, kindness, or sheer joy, my photography is all about telling visual stories that are full of genuine emotions. You needn’t worry about feeling vulnerable or shy at the prospect of being photographed as I will have you relaxed and at ease in no time at all. If you’d like you and your young family to be professionally photographed at Annie Marshall photography studio Kent way, or if you’re looking for photographs to be taken in or around the London area, simply visit or email today.