Maidstone Photographer Services - Tips On Making The Most Of Your Photography Session

Maidstone photographer services are a perfect way to celebrate your family by capturing memories of you and your loved ones at a certain moment in time. Perhaps you want to book a session for a special event like a pregnancy, the birth of a baby, or a birthday. Maybe you simply want to preserve images from this stage in your children’s lives. Whatever the occasion, a session at a photography studio Kent based should be an enjoyable experience that leaves you with quality photos you can share and look back on fondly for years to come. Here are some tips on making the most of your visit.

Choosing The Right Photographer Kent Based For Your Requirements

With the rise of digital photography and the accessibility of editing software, you’ll find that there are a lot more photographers offering their services. But simply having access to the right equipment is no guarantee that the individual concerned is a professional Maidstone photographer. So, before you select a photography company for your session, it’s worth doing a little background research, to ensure you get the quality of images you deserve. A good place to start is their website. Check the photography studio Maidstone you are considering has a good track record in the type of photography you’re looking for. Wedding photography, for instance, requires a very different skillset from newborn photography, where the emphasis is on patience, working round your baby’s routine, and safe and gentle handling throughout. Some professionals may do both but be wary of selecting one who doesn’t have a past portfolio for you to view of photos of the style and type you’re after. Look for positive testimonials from previous clients, both on their website and on other forums like social media sites. These offer more insight into how the photographer works and interacts with their clients. If you’re searching for a photo studio Maidstone based for family photography in particular, it’s critical to find a photographer who’s warm, receptive, and personable. The quality of the photos you end up with will almost entirely depend on the rapport and levels of cooperation they can build with you and your children. To talk to the professional before you hire them to get a sense of their personality and the way they work.

Tips On Booking A Family Photoshoot Maidstone Based

One thing is for sure - children do not always perform on demand or as you expect them to! So, when you are choosing a family photographer in Maidstone, you want to know that he or she understands that and is prepared. There’s no good spending money on an hour with a professional and coming out with no good pictures because your child was unsettled throughout. Look for a photographer that offers generously timed sessions and isn’t in a hurry to move onto their next engagement. Another question to ask yourself is whether you want your photos taken at your own home or at a studio. Good photographers will offer both, but for a family photoshoot Maidstone based, it’s often valuable to have a studio to visit. That way, you won’t have to spend hours tidying up your house or own a perfectly maintained garden to benefit from photogenic, appealing settings for your resulting photos. Established professionals will not only have a range of props to use in creating appealing, cute scenarios, but they will also welcome your additions, inviting you to bring along favourite toys or other items. These will both settle your kids by giving them familiar objects to hold and will ensure that those resulting pictures are unique to your family and capture the essence of your lives together. That can even extend to pets, if your photographer is willing! If your dog or other well-behaved animal is as much a part of the family as the people, you’ll want them included – understanding professionals will accommodate this.

What Photographers In Maidstone Kent Advise You To Wear On The Day

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to families – each one is individual and has its own personality and quirks. So, the rules on what to wear on the day are not prescribed. The prime consideration is that every family member is comfortable in what they’re wearing though, so don’t stress too much if your youngest child won’t take off his favourite T-shirt! But there are some guidelines you can follow, if everyone is prepared to cooperate. A Maidstone photographer will usually suggest that the colours each of the group wears are coordinating (not necessarily matching), as this can bring a certain unity to the resulting photos. A good suggestion is to choose two or three colours that complement each other – pastels or neutrals work well. While classic clothes in neutral colours will help ensure that your photos don’t date over the coming years, it’s worth noting that all-black or all-white can make the final images look stark and cold. Steer away from extremes like this, and don’t be afraid to add texture and interest through accessories like hats, scarves, belts and jewellery; but don’t go overboard on patterned fabrics. Remember you’ll probably want these images to hang on your walls at home too, so take your existing décor into account too. And always bring spare outfits for the children as inevitably, accidents happen when you least want them too! One of the best photographers in Maidstone Kent with a genuine passion for capturing a family’s personality and love for each other is Annie Marshall Photography.

Create Lasting Memories With Annie Marshall Photography, A Dedicated And Skilled Maidstone Photographer

At Annie Marshall Photography, my prime aim is to make your family feel right at home in my Maidstone-based studio. I’m approachable, personable and friendly, as well as vastly experienced at setting my clients at their ease. I do this by dedicating sufficient time to each and every session, so we all have fun while I capture the true essence of you and your family. You can get a taste of my style and passion for my work as a Maidstone photographer on my website at, and I’m always delighted to meet new clients to discuss their wishes. Call me on 01795 843 452, book through my website or email me at to start our conversation.